Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can cancel your account or downgrade to a free account at any time.

Stripe - all kind of credit cards

no. Meenwein is a free platform. we only get the escrow agreed upon.

If you wish to write a review for a certain member,  you can always go to the member's listing, and add your comment, review, and feedback!

With Meenwein, you create your store for free easily.

Click on "Become a Vendor"
read the on page instruction, Click on "Start Selling"

You will receive an email, confirming your registration.

You can start uploading your products immediately.

Track your performance, the most selling items, the analytics and much more from the seamless comprehensive dashboard

Join and Let the World Know You!

In order to create a trustworthy business listing, and inspire trust to your potential partners, add the following documents:

1- A Scanned copy of your Company Registration Certificate, or a Commercial Register
2- Pictures of your Manufacturing process, the plant, your team, your offices, you can even add videos and more...
3- Pictures of your end-products, details of products and MOQ etc.

Let the World Know You!

Usage Guides

Feature Your Listing

All members can have their listing featured on different pages of the Meenwein platform.

Meenwein offers different plans, which you can check from your dashboard account.

For your customized featured plans, kindly contact us

Photos, Titles, Descriptions

Stay on top of your business!

Write a clear descriptive text for your listing. Be short, specific, and straight to the point. Concise phrases are always the best.

When uploading images, always choose good resolution images and always respect the sizes of the images. When uploading your images, always use relevant names for your images. For example if you’re uploading an image of a refrigerator, kindly write the name of the image as refrigerator-name-of-your-company.

In the ALT field, please add your company name and the product description in a concise manner (up to 150 characters).

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