Research showed only 15% of the MENA region businesses have online presence. That said, surely the B2B digital ecommerce is booming while the conventional is trailing.

Only few has regional or international awareness and presence. Needless to mention The SMEs, the artisan shop, the young startups, the designer… who has minimum or no-presence.

The trade deficit between MENA countries and the world is negative, aside from Oil exports. Meenwein will strive to decrease the numbers by facilitating exposure to let the world know the MENA industries and businesses

What is meenwein

Meenwein translates to (Who, Where?), an inquisitive reaction to interesting matters.

This platform offers Businesses the unique chance to show, their businesses and products, and facilitate the spotlight for potential Members’ search, whether local, regional and international. Hence increasing traffic to their membership, interest and business dealings.

Our mission is to become the authoritative B2B platform connecting the world to the MENA region and vice-versa.


Why remain local!

With no exhibitions, travelling constraints, economic issues… businesses are stressed to expand their sales. Meenwein offers the Podium that will help Members “the Hidden Gems”, reveal their values, products and offerings to widest audience resulting in Awareness and New Business.

Want the world to know you? Want your business name or brand/s promoted? Looking for a Franchise business? A distributor for your products? An artisan work for your holiday gifts? A special customized machine? MW will endeavor to include as many professionals as possible to link Businesses. Meenwein will promote members businesses through the platform regionally and internationally.

Our core communication targets not only new members, but also inter-regional and International businesses to know the MENA businesses. Meenwein will bring interest to your business through the platform and connect them to You.

Meenwein encourages its members to customize and diversify their offerings permitting users to benefit whether it is a discounted offer, MOQ, special payment terms… or simply, business-as-usual dealing.

Meenwein does Not charge, commission or interfere with Businesses offerings, sales, dealings and their outcome.


The Membership Fees paid will be spent mainly to promote the platform, consequently your business. So, the Fees are basically marketing expenses which gets back to you bigger and better. Imagine the possibilities for your business for less than a $0.12 a day.

Marketing on Meenwein

Members can enhance their business view by marketing on Meenwein platform through Featuring your “Listing” and products. Also, through “Verified” certification assuring the users to know you are solid, true and real.

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